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Purchasing Income Property in East Lansing

East Lansing and Meridian Township no longer issue licenses for more than two unrelated occupants and some neighborhoods have zoning restrictions that prohibits new rental licenses or limits them to owner occupied only.  As a homeowner a student can live in his/her single family home or condominium and have one roommate without the need of a license. More than one roommate will be impossible unless the purchased home has a transferable license for three or more unrelated persons.

  • East Lansing and Meridian Township only grants licensing for two unrelated or a family.
  • Many neighborhoods have restrictions that prohibits rentals.
  • A student may live in an unlicensed home of which he is part owner and have one roommate.
  • A license is not required for more than two family members.

City of East Lansing Rental Housing Information  
Frequently Asked Questions. Rental license classifications. Applying for a rental license. Required inspections. Neighborhoods that prohibit rentals.

Note: Many homes have "grandfathered" licenses for three to eight unrelated occupants.
These are listed below. New listings are immediately added when they become available.

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